Travel & Explore is not a travel agency: If you’re interested in the star hotel experience we’re probably not the crew for you. Our personal accommodation is strictly a bed, storage space for our packs, and if we’re lucky, a warm shower. We believe constantly taking ourselves out of our comfort zone is the recipe for a great time!

Embracing the challenge, we seek the unknown.

We have grown so much through traveling. First hand experience through a backpacking adventure holds greater value than reading any book ever could.

It took only one trip for us to realize that traveling is the best teacher.

It’s a difficult feeling to describe. There is an undoubtable change that takes place while seeking the unknown – about yourself and the world.

Life is about going to new places, hanging with new people and feeling completely at home.

There is a unique connection all travelers share with one another, a commonality between all of us that is undeniable. Amazingly, people from all over the world, with vastly different backgrounds, find a way to coexist.

Traveling has enhanced our lives exponentially. We encourage all to join the backpacking/traveling community so you can experience for yourselves the freedom and adventure and most importantly living life to the fullest.  One trip may be all it takes to prioritize what is important in your life.

What is important to you? Are you really doing what you love?

With a great travel experience you may reconsider if you are in fact doing what you are meant to do….what you are passionate about. Somehow, some way, we can figure out what in life will truly make us the happiest.

Traveling is a journey that defines us more than we can define it.

It boils down to the main goal at Travel & Explore…. INSPIRE TO TRAVEL!